RNsights is the recognized US leader connecting pharma and medical device companies with NPs, PAs, RNs, and hospital administrators. RNsights improves clients’ ROI with precision targeting, expertly crafted communications, and receptive HCP audiences. The Caregiver Platform analytics makes RNsights uniquely qualified to deliver quick and effective:

Patient Recruitment and Clinical Trial Acceleration

  • Patient Recruitment

    Caregiver Platform captures HCP specialty, patient disease state data, and geographic location enabling RNsights to recruit patients through NPs and PAs for all stages of clinical trials. With NPs/PAs spending on average three times more time with patients than MDs, NPs/PAs are an excellent source for patient recruitment.

    Benefit to our clients: Increase patient selection and decrease average enrollment times.

  • HCP Recruitment

    RNsights targets NPs/PAs by clinical specialty, geographical location, and patient profiles. NPs/PAs spend three times more time with their patients than MDs giving them the opportunity to create stronger bonds with their patients.

    Benefit to our clients: Higher patient compliance and enhanced data collection.

  • Risk Identification and Management

    Recruitment needs to be monitored and managed. During clinical trials, RNsights provides ongoing analytics such as:

    • Patient density
    • HCP density
    • Patient retention

    Benefit to our clients: Rapid adjustments to maximize outcomes and results.

  • Compliance tracking and Patient Adherence

    For phases 1-4, RNsights can:

    • Gather data from HCPs regarding medication compliance and adherence.
    • Help with patient adherence such as:
      • email communication to patients
      • coaching services
      • monitoring results
      • creating a patient portal

    Benefit to our clients: Higher patient compliance and enhanced data collection.

ROI Driven Marketing

  • Brand Awareness & Marketing Campaigns

    RNsights creates and provides cost effective ROI driven integrated marketing campaigns targeted to HCPs relevant to you. RNsights targets by specialty and reach through a variety of channels including:

    Products Case Studies
    KOL Webinars Drove over 1,400 qualified targets to view the webinar and 100 requests for a software demo in less than three months. See how
    CE Courses Fulfilled 240% of the pharma’s goal for webinar views. Over 70% surveyed intend to make changes or apply knowledge learned. See how
    Email Campaign Prescription writing rose 20% during the six month period RNsights handled NP/PA marketing, and ROI was more than double the client’s expectation. See how
    E-Newsletters Increased awareness of a new medication 380% beyond the client’s goal by sending 7,000 HCP visitors to the client’s webinar and educational materials. See how
    Banners Extended pharma’s reach by delivering 33,000+ program views and 5,000 HCPs to the pharma client’s signup webpage. See how
    Enhanced List Matches Increased prescription writing significantly enabling the client to attain a 5:1 ROI. See how

  • Educational Campaigns and Product Launches

    Pre-launch marketing –

    Drive disease state awareness.

    Product launches –
    Drive product awareness.

    Our full array of marketing channels enable ROI driven fully integrated and engaging campaigns. With RNsights, campaigns are monitored closely and can be adjusted throughout the campaign to ensure maximum effectiveness.

  • Advanced Analytics and ROI Analysis

    Standard Analytics
    (opens, click throughs, subscribes, webinar or page views / impressions)

    Custom and Sophisticated Advanced Analytics

    • ROI analysis
    • CRM coordination and downloads
    • HCP discussion analysis
    • Medical communications review and analysis
    • Analytics performed at brand and corporate level

  • Best Marketing Practices

    RNsights provides education at the corporate level regarding best-in-practice tactics to reach NPs, PAs, and RNs including developing a consistent and effective methodology across brands.

  • E-Detailing Support

    RNsights can facilitate and create sales presentations to HCPs critical to your business through interactive media.
    Channels include:

    • talk to a rep
    • request a rep visit
    • free samples
    • literature
    • education

Market and Competitive Intelligence

With its Caregiver Platform, RNsights offers market research which is fast, low-cost and provides precision targeting. See how one RNsights client uncovered prescribing behavior insights within three days and another client was able to drill down to their specific target audience for their market research.

  • Determine Brand Awareness
  • Create Marketing language
  • Product Reviews
  • Competitive Analysis

Reveal insights about your product, market, competition, or marketing material. Our online channels provide results quickly and at a fraction of the cost. Full quantitative and qualitative channels include:

  • Online Survey
  • Virtual Focus Group
  • Advisory Panels and Interviews
  • Online custom community build for on demand market research

Post Launch Surveillance and Compliance

  • Risk identification and management

    RNsights can identify, monitor, and adjust key risk factors such as patient drop off and non-compliance.

  • Compliance tracking and Patient Adherence

    RNsights offers multi-channel patient and HCP support programs such as: patient communication, coaching services, monitoring results, and a patient portal.