Connecting Industry with Advanced Practitioners and more.

As the recognized U.S. leader in reaching NPs/PAs/RNs and hospital administrators, our proprietary RNsights Caregiver Platform enables us to capture critical data and leverage it for a variety of critical tasks.

Offering interfaces for

  • Clinical Trial Acceleration
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Market Research
  • Post Launch Surveillance & Compliance

Providing comprehensive outputs

  • HCP and patient density and locations
  • Best practices to reach target HCPs
  • Networking
  • HCP portals
  • Disease State info
  • High value marketing channels
  • Relevant specialties
  • Relevant specialties
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Patient drop off and adherence

What makes the RNsights Caregiver Platform unique?

  • Propriety Database
  • Relationship with NPs, PAs and RNs
  • Captured HCP information from social media, traditional media, RNsights online communities, client target lists and more.

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