Combined, PAs and NPs represent Merritt Hawkins’ third most sought HCPs in the 2017 Review, which is up from fifth in 2016. This year’s third place is the highest position PAs and NPs have held on the physician recruiter and staffing firm’s list showing an increase in demand to the point where NPs and PAs are recruited more often than physicians specializing in dermatology, radiology, cardiology and many other specialties. Nurse practitioners (NPs) are more in demand than 15 top physician specialties behind only family medicine, psychiatry, and internal medicine.

Why the Increase in Demand?

  • Physician appointment wait times have increased by 30% since 2014.
  • The emergence of team-based care means that PAs and NPs are playing a growing role.
  • The “convenient care” movement is accelerating. PAs/ NPs provide the bulk of care at the growing number of urgent care and retail centers and also have been a fixture at Federal Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs).

NPs/PAs can treat and prescribe in all 50 states. Their ability to educate patients, ensure patient compliance, reduce costs and enhance patient satisfaction makes hiring them a win-win situation for everyone. NPs/PAs are ideal providers for patients, ideal team-members for other HCPs, and ideal targets for pharma marketers.


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